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Feb 23 2022

Nutrition Client Case Study: Tom

Meet Tom. On the surface what you see is down about 20 pounds and looking pretty jacked. But there’s so much more than that.

Jul 22 2021

Protocol Client Case Study: Nick

Meet Nick. Nick is a father to 3 young boys, a husband, a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy, and a lifelong athlete. It’s safe to say that Nick has a lot on his plate.

Jul 19 2021

Underslept and overtrained to feeling like a new man!

From underslept, overtrained, and underfed to boss sleep, leanAF, and feeling like a new man!

May 12 2021

Barbell Shrugged Episode 576: How to Optimize Your Metabolism

This week I had the pleasure of being back on the Barbell Shrugged podcast for Episode 576 alongside Dr. Andy Galpin.
is it ok to drink egg whites

Apr 21 2021

Is it OK to Drink Egg Whites?

The answer to this depends on your definition of "ok." From a safety standpoint, I don't think it is unsafe. However, keep reading for why you probably don't want to.

Feb 2 2021

Reflections: 1 Year of Cold Showers

Two weeks ago I completed a goal I set last year. One year of 100% cold showers. Here are my thoughts.⁣

Jan 9 2021

Negative Adaptations of Chronic Under Eating Patterns

Something that I’m seeing more and more commonly is men who simply aren’t consistently eating enough. It becomes an issue because you’re making it harder on yourself to build muscle, drop fat, and ultimately get in shape.
Eat Train Prosper Podcast Nutrition Training

Dec 31 2020

Eat Train Prosper Podcast Launch

Our aim for this project is to provide you tangible advice about strength and hypertrophy training, objective nutrition, and how to incorporate these into your lifestyle for achieving prosperity in these endeavors.

Dec 20 2020

You probably should be lifting weights

If you're reading this you should probably be lifting weights. Nothing will have as profound an impact on your physique, body fat levels, and overall health as resistance training (besides nutrition of course!)
beyond fit episode 153 aaron straker objective eating nutrition mindset cheat codes

Dec 9 2020

Beyond Fit Episode 153: Aaron Straker

Beyond Fit with Jake Parker Episode 153: Aaron Straker on Objective Eating, Mindset for Nutrition, and Cheat Codes.
Macronutrient Reporting & Check-In Template Nutrition Coaching Client Progress Sheet

Sep 17 2020

Macronutrient Reporting & Check-In Template

A better way to manage nutrition goal progress. Simple progress assessment, reporting and check-in snapshots. macros, weigh-ins, averages, progress photos and reporting all in one feature rich template.

Aug 27 2020

Common Foods Satiety Index

Satiety, and hunger/fullness cues are often too tightly coupled solely with caloric representation. While total caloric availability is a driver of satiety it is not the only driver. Intelligent food selection can make a break a dieting period.

Aug 24 2020

Training Considerations for Periods of Caloric Deficit

How should your training change when you're in a dedicated calorie deficit? The first mistake I see is reducing the amount of lifting and increasing cardio to an unnecessary amount. Adding 3-4 HIIT sessions, going on runs when you never would run before, and adding purposeless movement for the thought of burning more calories.

Aug 18 2020

More Sleep = Less Fat

Why is it so hard to take sleep seriously? Because we don't want to believe how impactful it is on us. The thought is "why sleep for 8 hours when I can operate on 6?"

Aug 4 2020

Investing in the Outcome

Why would I eat something I don't like? Because I'm invested in the outcome of what kimchi will provide. See kimchi contains a rich world of microbes particularly beneficial for gut flora and intestinal wellbeing. All of which I am particularly interested in.

Jul 30 2020

The B/L/D Meal Structure Approach is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Who decided Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner was the standard anyway? If B/L/D doesn't work for you, then don't follow it. There are no hard rules for 3 meals as long as what you're doing fits your needs for your lifestyle/activity/training demands.

Jun 26 2020

My Top Picks for “Fast Casual” Meals

Having 2-4 go-to food spots where you can still get really high quality, efficient meals while on the go is all part of turning this style of eating into a lifestyle.

Jun 23 2020

Metflex & Chill Episode 29: Objective Eating, Setting Realistic Expectations To Match Your Lifestyle and Importance Of Tracking Data

This week I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Metflex & Chill podcast hosted by Rachel Gregory. In this episode, we talk about Objective Eating, the efficacy of tracking data, and setting realistic expectations to match your lifestyle.
crispy air fryer brussels sprouts recipe

Jun 18 2020

Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are a great "change-of-pace" vegetable to break out of the monotonous trio of broccoli, green beans, carrots. The typical downside is they take forever to really cook through, and by far taste the best when they're crispy. Which usually would require a combination of cooking in a pan AND the oven which is time consuming and kind of a pain in the ass.

Jun 4 2020

Barbell Shrugged Episode 474: Aaron Straker

More than Macros: The Metabolic Performance Protocol and Why You Need a Nutrition Coach with Aaron Straker - Barbell Shrugged - #474
metabolic performance protocol before and after progress

May 30 2020

Client Case Study – Brandon

Brandon was looking to get back into the gym, add lean muscle, and prioritize his nutrition in living a healthier lifestyle. Brandon was one of the very first guys to complete the Metabolic Performance Protocol and created massive results for himself.

May 30 2020

Client Case Study – Mike

Mike came to me with a solid foundation of habits. Already training consistently doing a mix of CrossFit / Hypertrophy training / Olympic Weightlifting, and paying attention to the types of food he put in his body.
low fat high protein macro friendly burgers

May 25 2020

Low Fat, High Protein, Homemade Burgers

Here we have my homemade burgers recipe that are not only high in protein and super lean (low fat), but also mega simple, and we even sneak some vegetables in there as well for texture, flavor, and #health. I’m even showing you exactly how to pull accurate macros out these burgers using this approach.
preparing bulk vegetables stir fry food prep

May 20 2020

Preparing & Tracking Bulk Mixed Vegetables Stir Fry

I've been on a hardcore vegetable kick lately. Unsurprisingly, I've also been feeling really supreme.⁣ I wanted to eat a wider range of vegetables instead of just the standard broccoli, green beans, or peppers that covered the bases, this is what I came up with.

May 13 2020

5 Minute Garlic Green Beans (Crisp & Not Mushy!)

A bone simple approach to producing, crisp garlic green beans that retain a nice crunch when you eat them and you can easily cook them in bulk for your next food prep in 5 minutes. This approach also keeps them fresher longer so they retain that crisp texture. further into your food prep week.

May 9 2020

Understanding Steak Portions – Raw vs. Cooked

When you order a steak at a restaurant and the menu provides the weight of the steak, for example a 225 gram sirloin (or approximately 8 oz.), when you want to enter that meal to track it you need to remember that provided weight is for 250 grams RAW.⁣

May 8 2020

Estimating Portion Sizes Can Go A Long Way

Estimating your portions goes a long way and the more consistently you weigh and measure your food the better you get at eyeballing what ~150 grams of rice and ~200 grams of chicken looks like. This becomes super beneficial when you don't have the opportunity to weigh your food or if you don't want to be that person who brings their food scale into the restaurant.
correlated relationship or priority and progress in nutrition and exercise

May 6 2020

The Correlated Relationship of Priority & Progress

Individual variability in where you choose to prioritize your nutrition and strength training in your life directly influences the rate of your progression. When evaluating your own rate of progress you have to include existing external commitments that may currently be a higher priority.

May 5 2020

Preparing For a Rainy Day

It's a great idea to look out for future you who will inadvertently end up in a situation where you're out of food and need a quick macro friendly meal on a "rainy" day (both literally and figuratively.)

May 5 2020

Theory of Diminishing Subjective Wellbeing

Most of us establish a slowly diminishing baseline of "normalcy" that just gets worse over time, although our perception of the baseline remains more or less the same.

May 3 2020

“Meals for Muscle” Live Cooking Show with Barbell Shrugged

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to do my first ever LIVE cooking show with the Barbell Shrugged Podcast over a Zoom call from my kitchen.

May 1 2020

Combatting Training Inflammation with Omega Fatty Acids

Standard Western style diets are very high in pro-inflammatory omega-6's yet low in anti-inflammatory omega-3's - sometimes in upwards of a 20:1 ratio.

Apr 30 2020

How To: High Protein, High Flavor, Low Carb Yogurt

From the perspective of macronutrient distribution (especially protein) most yogurt kinda sucks...but not when you do this!

Apr 30 2020

A Solution to the Meathead Math Problem

Stop running out of prepped meat by Wednesday at lunch!⁣ All it takes is a little planning and some quick math to figure out exactly how much you should buy.

Apr 27 2020

Add Some Flex For More Success

Willpower is largely overrated. Knowledge is your key to success. With this knowledge you can understand how strategic implementation of "unhealthy" or "flexible" foods as I prefer to call them bolster overall adherence ultimately paving the path to your goals.

Apr 26 2020

Create a Meals Matrix For Endless Possibilities

Here is a sweet little graphic I put together consisting the most common foods I choose to eat semi-regularly (provided I can find them.) I even included my preferred plant based primary protein source.

Apr 26 2020

Asian Style Stir Fry Chicken Bowl

Asian stir fry is universally delicious and everyone should have a reliable, efficient way to cook this up on the reg.

Apr 26 2020

Baja Style Chicken Bowl

Who doesn’t love homemade Mexican style bowls. Lots of vegetables and easy and efficient to make. Plus almost 12 grams of fiber. 👊

Apr 25 2020

Kale, Quinoa, Sweet Potato & Chicken Bowl

This is seriously one of the best tasting bowls you can make. The fresh lemon on the chicken and kale really puts this over the top.

Apr 24 2020

There are no magic amount of calories.

There is no magic amount of daily calories you should be eating to be "X" weight or the best macronutrient ratio for accomplishing "X".
7 Simple Habits for Success

Apr 24 2020

7 Simple Habits For Success

7 Simple Habits for having success and getting the most out of your nutrition and lifestyle during quarantine.
shrimp broccoli rice bowl

Apr 20 2020

Shrimp, Jasmine Rice, & Broccoli Bowl

Just a little seafood twist on one the most classic of all staple healthy meals.

Apr 7 2020

Ahi Tuna Steak, Roasted Broccolini, & Potato Medley

Bust out the seared ahi tuna steaks when you want to impress somebody. Little do they know they are actually the simplest thing to cook. Paired with complex carbs of mixed potatoes and some fancy broccolini you’ll be able to trick any potential dating prospect into thinking you can actually cook. Straker Nutrition Co. has your back!

Apr 6 2020

Cast Iron Top Sirloin Steaks

Once you perfect this recipe and cooking these steaks just how you like them ordering a steak at a restaurant will never be the same.

Apr 5 2020

Pan Fried Beef Tenderloin, Boiled Russet Potatoes, & Steamed Broccoli

This became a staple meal after moving to Vietnam with fewer available options and no cast iron. Simple and efficient!

Apr 3 2020

Shrimp, Rice, Asparagus, & Onion Bowl

This bowl is perfect as either a pre or post workout meal as it is higher in carbohydrate and really low in fat so it will digest quickly. Quick and easy as only the vegetables have to be cooked.

Mar 20 2020

Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes

A quality complex carbohydrate source that is very easy to make in bulk quantities and requires medium effort. Very low in fat, and also lower in carbohydrates per the actual volume of food you get.

Mar 18 2020

Egg + Spinach Scramble, Multigrain Toast, Strawberries, & Walnuts

Simple breakfast option that’s lower in carbs, higher in quality fats and simple to make.

Mar 17 2020

Chicken Tenderloin, Jasmine Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Carrots & Green Pepper

Very basic Simple Bachelor Food Prep bowl with some extra added variety in vegetables. 

Mar 17 2020

Egg & Spinach Scramble + Proatmeal

What the hell is proatmeal? It’s basically oatmeal on steroids and you’ll never feel the same about plain old oats ever again. Pair it with this egg scramble for a big ass breakfast.

Mar 16 2020

Beef Tenderloin, Black Forbidden Rice, & Pan Steamed Asparagus

Another simple bowl this time with black rice!

Mar 15 2020

Cast Iron Seared Tuna Steaks

These Seared Tuna Steaks in the Cast Iron pan are absolutely delicious and so simple to make! The total prep and cook time is under 6 minutes.

Jan 27 2020

How You Can Make Food Prep Fun

Food prepping shouldn't be thought about like a chore. Instead ask yourself this...How can I make this fun? When something is fun, it no longer feel like a boring chore. Today I've got some tips for you to help change your thoughts about your weekly food prepping session(s).

Jan 14 2020

What is Considered “Normal”

What is Considered “Normal” I would argue that most probably have a backwards perception on what is most difficult when it comes to nutrition, training, and lifestyle.⁣ Perhaps you might as well?⁣Nutrition is easy.⁣ Training is easy (and fun!)⁣⁣However, committing to a lifestyle and nutrition habits outside the confines of what is considered socially “normal” […]

Dec 25 2019

Pan Fried Beef Tenderloin, Black Rice, & Pan Steamed Asparagus

One of the best breakfast choices in terms of quality carbohydrate, and omega 3 fats. On the low end for protein so you would want to pair this with a protein focused side as well.

Dec 25 2019

Chicken & Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup

This chicken + soup combo is so MF good you’ll be praying for rain and gloomy days.

Nov 25 2019

Cubed Chicken Breast, Black Beans, & Steamed Green String Beans

A great little meal that can be made with minimal equipment, time and effort

Nov 25 2019

Cast Iron Chicken Tenderloin + Sweet Potato + Roasted Broccolini

A staple meal that is extremely easy to not only make but to bulk prepare that follows the basic principle of one primary protein source, one starchy complex carbohydrate source, and one fibrous vegetable.

Nov 24 2019

Matcha Overnight Oats

One of the best breakfast choices in terms of quality carbohydrate, and omega 3 fats. On the low end for protein so you would want to pair this with a protein focused side as well.

Oct 25 2019

Cast Iron Chicken Tenderloins

In the cast iron is one of the best ways to cook chicken. These tenderloins cook really fast and evenly with tons of flavor.

Jun 5 2019

Rotisserie Chicken, Microwave Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Specifically included for the “Fuck I don’t have any food” evening where you just find yourself unprepared on the way home from work and need something super fast you can grab from the G store, heat up, and fit within your targets.

Apr 29 2019

Egg + Spinach Scramble

A breakfast staple, with a few options for adjusting protein up and more or less spice.

Apr 25 2019

Cast Iron Sirloin Roasted Broccolini Purple Rice

This meal is funny because of the story behind the purple rice. I mixed with black forbidden rice with jasmine rice inside the rice cooker under the presumption it would turn out like homemade wild rice. Instead I received “purple” rice.

Apr 18 2019

Meat cereal Mixed Veggies

This is the ultimate Simple Bachelor Food Prep meal. It’s extremely simple and the only thing you really have to cook is the beef.

Apr 18 2019

Cast Iron Top Sirloin, Roasted Broccolini, Brown Rice, & Kale Salad

This bomb meal requires almost zero prep if you have your steak and broccolini bulked like you should. Chop a few vegetables, throw something in the micro and you’re good to go. Good for when you’re pretty hungry as it’s a larger meal.

Apr 13 2019

Oven Roasted Broccolini

A little twist and simple change up to one of the most commonly consumed vegetables of the western world.

Mar 29 2019

Chicken Tenderloin, Jasmine Rice, & Steamed Broccoli

This is seriously the ultimate post workout meal. Super low in fat, heavy in quality complex carbs and tasty as all hell.
LionHeart Radio: The Master Plan with Jenny Blake and Aaron Straker

Dec 27 2018

LionHeart Radio 128: The Master Plan with Jenny Blake and Aaron Straker

In today's show we talk with nutrition power couple Jenny Blake and Aaron Straker who have devised a plan to exit corporate America and live nomadically.