Investing in the Outcome


This is kimchi. I don't like kimchi...but I'm eating some with one meal every day.

Why would I eat something I don't like? Because I'm invested in the outcome of what kimchi will provide me. See kimchi contains a rich world of microbes particularly beneficial for gut flora and intestinal wellbeing. All of which I am particularly interested in.

Remember back when you were like 15 and first started drinking beers and they tasted absolutely awful, but you did it anyway because you were invested in the outcome of what beer provided? Getting drunk with your friends, and probably having a good time.

It's the same exact thing.

Eventually I won't need to be invested in the outcome for me to enjoy kimchi. I know because I've done this with multiple foods before (garlic, onions, peppers, avocado, literally all fish.) Similarly like how you don't need to get drunk with your friends to now enjoy the taste of beer (probably.)

Oftentimes when we feel resistance to swapping the lower quality foods we've been eating for high-quality, nutrient-dense, whole food sources because we may not necessarily like them as the beginning. This is where being invested in the outcome is more important, because in the early stages only your investment into what the higher quality foods provides you makes the actions worthwhile.

Until your palate starts to shift, taste buds change and you begin seeing tangible benefits of the decisions you've made moving you towards your invested outcome.

Just like how getting through those first few awful tasting beers provided you fun nights with friends, getting through the first couple weeks of seemingly less palatable foods paves your way to what outcomes you're looking for on the other side.

...and that is why I'm eating kimchi now.

You need to be invested in the outcome in order to make lifestyle and nutrition changes that you may not be in love with in the beginning. It's simply part of the process to reach your destination.

I come in and help you facilitate this process.

Receive expert guidance from me when joining me in my Metabolic Performance Protocol.

P.S. Check out the video below for a first person account from Paul who recently wrapped up his round through Metabolic Performance Protocol.