Reflections: 365 Days of Cold Showers


Two weeks ago I completed a goal I set last year. One year of 100% cold showers. Below are my thoughts.⁣

If you read about cold showers they always focus on the physical changes and adaptions which I found marginal at best. The psychological changes I found are much more worth speaking about IMO.⁣

The most profound aspect is the daily mental fortitude that you will foster by taking something comforting and instead turning it into a rather uncomfortable part of your day.⁣

I always felt better stepping out than when I got in. Each time I got this feeling of accomplishing something.⁣

The colder it got, the greater the euphoric feeling I'd have when I got out. The 7 weeks spent in Denver were by far the coldest but also the most enjoyable in a very masochistic type of way.⁣

There was never a thought of "I can't do this" because it never got any harder, per se. No single day required anything more from me than I had already accomplished the day before. I simply had to just keep showing up. I really like setting goals in this particular manner.⁣

I used to do a lot of thinking in the shower, but the cold showers find a way of completely consuming your mind about when it'll be over. However, after about 7-8 months I'd find myself just standing there daydreaming in the shower again, lost in my aimless thoughts for 10+ minutes.⁣

So the natural question I get is where do I go from here?⁣

I've been splitting about 50/50 hot/cold showers since reaching my goal. I do however start every single hot shower cold first and will continue to do so. From the approach of, "if you don't use it you lose it."⁣

If the sun is out my showers will continue to be cold, if it's dark out I'll take a hot shower.⁣

It's a relief knowing I no longer "have to" but after an entire year that cold water now has a strangely familiar and somewhat sentimental type of feeling to me.

I'm really happy I did this.⁣