Simple Bachelor Food Prep is the methodology surrounding how to bulk prepare individual food items that can then be mixed and matched throughout the week to make various modular-type meals. This is similar to meal prepping but differs in that you don’t individually prepackage and store individual meals in advance.

There are two main reasons the meal prep approach is not recommended. Some foods will stay fresher for longer than others and nobody wants a half soggy meal. Schedules are rarely set in stone 6 days in advance and being able to pivot and readjust is crucial. Learning to manipulate meal frequency, portions, and timing on the fly is a large aspect of making flexible dieting and prepping work for your lifestyle.

Aimed at the individual who wants to increase the quality of their overall dietary intake, without the high costs of a meal prep service and without spending a substantial amount of time cooking. Simple Bachelor Food Prep follows the principle of composing efficient, high quality, good tasting meals consisting of a primary protein source, a starchy carbohydrate source, and at least one non-starchy, fibrous vegetable source.



Preparing key food items in bulk is a complete game changer when it comes to being prepared and more importantly consistent with your nutrition. While certain eating establishments are incredibly macro friendly (shout-out Flame Broiler and Chipotle) the reality is that restaurants just don’t have your health, performance, and body composition goals in mind. Protein portions are smaller, carbohydrates are easily in abundance, and almost everything comes covered in butter.

Looking at it from an economic, efficiency, and tracking consistency standpoint it’s hard to beat cooking the majority of your meals yourself. Plus who doesn’t want to be more accurate with their tracking, have more money in their pocket, and more time on their hands?



For time and efficiency it’s recommended to shop and prepare your bulk protein and complex carbohydrate sources once, or twice weekly for the most efficiency. Most people find that Sunday afternoon or evening works well. For twice weekly, Sundays and Wednesdays are common. Vegetables are more commonly prepared only a few days in advance as they are less likely to stay fresh in the refrigerator as long as say grilled steaks, and roasted sweet potatoes.

Picking a time your schedule consistently permits is best. Scheduling in your trip to the grocery store and your 1-2 hours MAX food prep time to your calendar helps build consistency until it becomes routine. You should not need more than 2 hours to prepare your bulk foods for the week.



Cooking food that tastes incredible doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming, expensive, or difficult. All of the below dishes and meals are from foods commonly found in most grocery stores. Most cooked with either a cast iron frying pan, in the oven, or in a rice cooker. All are common appliances found in most kitchens. All you have to do is pick your day and time, throw on some jams or your favorite podcast and get to work!


Prepping your food doesn’t have to be bland, boring, or taste like shit. Below are meals put together using these simple principles that are both Instagram worthy and super macro friendly. Click on any photo to see how to make it.