Client Case Study - Brandon

metabolic performance protocol before and after progress

I like to periodically highlight some of the physical and mental transformations of guys I’ve coached in my Metabolic Performance Protocol and include a little case study to see how the structure and process of the Protocol consistently provides results even with variation in lifestyle, dietary preferences, and training styles of the guys that get coached by me in it.

Brandon was looking to get back into the gym, add some lean muscle, and prioritize nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. Brandon reached out to me and joined the Metabolic Performance Protocol and was one of the very first guys to complete it. 

We first focused on implementing habits for food tracking, improving food selection for getting more lean protein sources in, and INCREASING his caloric intake as he tended to regularly under consume calories daily.

Through increasing the amount of quality, nutrient-dense whole food sources Brandon was eating, his energy levels and sleep improved, he made progress in the gym, and started noticing his body composition changing.

“Loving everything about the program, especially the progress in the last two months.”

“Sleeping like a boss and I love it.”

“If you can't tell, I'm loving this progress.”

metabolic performance protocol before and after progress

We were patient, and did our due diligence dialing in habits, consistency, and quality food selection so when the time came to get lean Brandon already had all the necessary pieces in place that resulted in a wildly successful fat loss phase where we finished our reverse diet 23 pounds leaner.

“The results just keep coming and I couldn't be happier about it!”

“I’m under 200lbs for the first time since I think sophomore year of college! Was extremely happy to see that”

“Did a comparison of my starting to ending progress photos and the results speak for themselves. Not only do I look a lot better but I feel much better and have much better knowledge on how to structure my nutrition!”

metabolic performance protocol before and after progress

Since completing his first Metabolic Performance Protocol, Brandon has remained within 1% of the weight he finished the Protocol at. (Do that math.) We don't leave you bottomed out and vulnerable for a rebound after a fat loss effort. We do the reverse for this reason...maintaining that fat loss we just achieved.

After making so much progress during his first round of the Metabolic Performance Protocol, Brandon decided to jump back in with MPP4 to build more muscle, and get in even better shape.

Learn more about the Metabolic Performance Protocol and when we are launching this nutrition periodization and education coaching program next.