Nutrition Client Case Study - Tom


Meet Tom.

I worked with Tom for about 10 months and I couldn’t be more proud about what we were able to accomplish during our time together. On the surface what you see is down about 20 pounds and looking pretty jacked. But there’s so much more than that.

“This program has drastically changed the way I live my life. Not only through nutrition and exercise but through educating me on the numerous variables that surround what being healthy means for effectively executing your nutrition/physique goals.”

When Tom reached out to me his goals were…

  1. Lower BMI (I of course shared why BMI is a 💩 metric for us dudes trying to get jacked.)
  2. Project a path forward to increase muscle mass

On his coaching application he told me that he had worked with a trainer in the past, however the meal plan was unsustainable. I let Tom know we wouldn’t have to worry about any meal plans at all actually, because we would focus so heavily on education and understanding food selection.

“The entire experience leads you down a path of a whole new lifestyle through the in-depth education videos backed up by the personalized guidance through weekly check-ins. I don't think I could've found a better, well-rounded experience than this.”

His training was also more heavily cardio-based with less time dedicated to lifting weights. He also shared some general digestive inconsistencies. 

From an X’s and O’s standpoint, Tom and I orchestrated two successful reverse diets and two obviously successful calorie deficits. My favorite part of periodization with Tom was at the highest point of our second reverse diet, his weigh-ins were still lower than during the lowest calories of the first deficit. 🤓

Of course, pretty much immediately we pulled the extraneous cardio and instead shifted our focus to lifting weights. For extra activity we leveraged varying step count targets depending upon the current periodization.

We also had to tackle digestion. Through trial and error and much experimenting, we finally got digestion in a great groove for Tom.

“I benefited most from the education specifically on digestion. Modifying my diet due to foods that trigger poor digestion and understanding why they trigger the response has been a life changer. My sleep, cognitive thinking, and daily energy has improved tenfold.”

Tom was an ideal client for me, personally. He asked contextual, conversation-provoking questions. He consistently submitted check-ins for the entirety, and communicated clearly and effectively. As a result of all of this we were able to accomplish serious results not only physique-wise, but from internal health and lifestyle standpoints as well. 

“What a crazy year buddy, it has definitely been an awesome experience and I can't thank you enough for the wealth of knowledge and guidance you've shared. Yes that's what I paid for, but you delivered what you promised and more! Thank you.”

Read more about my coaching and education program the Metabolic Performance Protocol. Then submit an application and you and will can discuss if I can help you change your physique and lifestyle like we did here with Tom.