How To: High Protein, High Flavor, Low Carb Yogurt


From the perspective of macronutrient distribution in regards to  protein most yogurt just kinda sucks, unfortunately.

In conversation about finding ways to sneak more protein in throughout the day yogurt typically comes up.

The downside with 99% of yogurt is there are more grams of carbohydrates (and oftentimes fat) than protein - which turns your "protein" snack into a carb snack or even a fat snack primarily. (Based off highest total % of calories from which macronutrient.)

There is always the option for plain yogurt! However not everyone can (initially) get past the taste difference of plain unflavored yogurt.

I had this idea last week and finally put it into practice this morning for creating your own flavored yogurt. This way you still reap the benefits of the higher protein (~20 grams P) from the plain - but you can grab a few simple items to add flavor.

1. Raspberries. Very low in carbohydrate per volume/weight. Raspberries are also a very high fiber food. However other berries are also a great option.

2. Ground cinnamon. Pretty self explanatory here.

3. Stevia drops. (You an also use any of the other zero calorie sweeteners like monk fruit.) I chose Stevia simply because I wanted the liquid dropper. If you don't mind eating unsweetened yogurt you can definitely skip this step!

What is excellent with this is that you can control how sweet or how much flavor you'd like to add. Everyones tastes are slightly different so you have control over your preference.

The cinnamon and stevia drops are also something you can store at your desk at work if you would typically have the yogurt at work so it's something you can easily put together right when you would eat it.

I hope this helps those of who could use that extra P bump and "need" your flavor!