Using a Meal Matrix For an Endless Possibility of Meals

Aaron Meal Matrix 2.0 - 2000x2000

Here is a sweet little graphic I put together consisting the most common foods I choose to eat semi-regularly (provided I can find them.) I even included my preferred plant based primary protein source.

If you're new to cooking almost all of your meals exclusively at home, or just getting started in paying more attention to your nutrition this will be super helpful.⁣

"Healthy eating" is a very broad term and if you talk to 5 different people you'll probably get some version of 5 different answers. My version focuses primarily on keeping my body functioning optimally, followed by maintaining physical capability, and a strong, lean appearance.⁣

Eating these foods 90-95% of the time is how I do that. Yes, that includes carbohydrates. Most often a moderate to high amount of them.

Save this bad boy for when you need some meal combo ideas or send this to your friend who thinks ribeye is a lean cut of meat.

Below I've included a blank Meal Matrix template if for if you want to create your own!