What is Considered "Normal"


I would argue that most probably have a backwards perception on what is most difficult when it comes to nutrition, training, and lifestyle.⁣ Perhaps you might as well?

Nutrition is easy.⁣ Training is easy (and fun!)⁣

However, committing to a lifestyle and nutrition habits outside the confines of what is considered socially "normal" is what is actually hard.⁣

Even though it's overwhelmingly evident that lifestyle choices around diet, alcohol, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are the drivers of increasing body weight and unwanted body fat people justify their choices and actions because "everyone else does it."⁣

Over time, social norms change, and with that so do behavior and habits. I Remember back when I was a kid smoking cigarettes was still very popular (in the U.S. at least) and you could smoke in restaurants, and even on commercial airline flights at some point.⁣

Could you imagine being on an airplane today and everyone smoking?! Hell no. It seems wild to actually think about that. Because what is accepted as a social norm has drastically changed.⁣

You will have to overcome your fears of the added questions and pressure from friends, co-workers, and family when you say "No I'm not drinking tonight", or "I don't want cake/pizza/[insert-whatever-low-quality-food]."⁣

I went through it, and uncomfortable social situations are high on my list of irrational fears. So I know that if I can make it to the other side you can as well.⁣

To be completely honest, after high school and maybe college, being considered normal is probably kind of a bad thing.⁣

Think about this one...I challenge you to strive to not "be normal." Your body, your health, and the longevity of your life will thank you later.