Add Some Flex For More Success


Do you lack the iron willpower gene or are you simply missing the winning recipe? 🧠💡

Have you found yourself in a position where you completely uproot your lifestyle and dive headfirst into a dieting protocol only to burn out within 10-14 days and give up altogether?

Willpower is largely overrated. Knowledge is your key to success. With this knowledge you can understand how strategic implementation of "unhealthy" or "flexible" foods as I prefer to call them bolster overall adherence ultimately paving the path to your goals.

I recommend aiming for 85-90% quality, nutrient-dense, whole food sources. The remaining 10-15% of your diet calories can be reserved for “flexible” foods that are lower in quality but that you still moderation. Examples of these flexible foods might include, candy, pizza, ice cream, etc. (Full disclosure, mine are gummy bears and dark chocolate!)

By allowing a controlled amount of flexibility in your diet, you can make progress without constantly testing your willpower and fighting your diet on the psychological front. This strategy improves overall adherence and consistency in the long run, which are the only aspects that ultimately matter.

What exactly does that flexibility look like?
 Let’s say you’re eating a daily diet of 2500 calories. 85-90% of those calories (2,125 - 2,250) would come from quality, nutrient-dense, whole food sources. The remaining 10- 15% (250 - 375 calories) can come from whichever types of foods you would like.

In the image above I've given some daily caloric ranges and what that level of flexibility looks like objectively. The more you know, the more you can apply and implement, and the more success you can produce from your efforts.