Preparing For a "Rainy" Day


It's a great idea to look out for future you who will inadvertently end up in a situation where you're out of food and need a quick macro friendly meal on a "rainy" day (both literally and figuratively.)

Fortunately with this little combo here you can prepare for your rainy day by keeping a few cans of a soup that includes a fair share of vegetables and a starch like a lentil soup or this heart minestrone, and to ensure you won't fall behind on your protein macros adding a can of Albacore tuna is a great option to pull about 40-45 grams of protein out of this meal and get in a bump of quality omega-3 fats from the tuna as well.

Empty both your can of soup and the tuna into a bowl, mix up, add at least fresh ground black pepper and sea salt at a minimum and throw in the microwave for a minute or so and you've got yourself a 90 second meal that is high in protein, contains a starch (like lentils, beans, noodles, or rice), AND has some vegetables from the soup. Plus the tuna provides a bit of quality fat.

Hard to beat considering you're "unprepared" and scrambling for a quick meal. Next grocery trip pick up 4-5 cans of each and be a bro for your future self!

If you're looking for another baller soup high protein meal option check out this Simple Bachelor Food Prep chicken and lentil soup combo.