5 Minute Garlic Green Beans (Crisp & Not Mushy!)


The gripe I used to have with Green Beans was whenever I'd eat them they were super soft and soggy/mushy. I hate mushy vegetables. Texture is a very large impacting factor in flavor, and most of us simply don't want mushy food which leads to a disdain for certain vegetables.

These green beans on their own are pretty decent but the fresh garlic not only adds ton of flavor but also provides a not-so-common source of prebiotics that help with the proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria and maintaining balance in your gut microbiome.

Here I have a bone simple approach to producing, crisp garlic green beans that retain a nice crunch when you eat them and you can easily cook them in bulk for your next food prep in 5 minutes. This approach also keeps them fresher longer so they retain the crisper texture further into your food prep week.

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