Macronutrient Reporting & Check-In Template

Want a better way to manage your own nutrition progress? Or maybe you're a nutrition coach using spreadsheets for managing your clients but your Excel skills aren't the best? This is exactly what you're looking for.

This feature rich macronutrient reporting & check-in template that you can use for your nutrition coaching clients or use for your own nutrition accountability and reporting.

You can completely white label it, remove all my branding/logos and manage all your client check-ins and accountability through this tracking tool.

When I was first getting started it was important to me as a business owner to have a professional looking nutrition client accountability tool. I couldn't find anything that checked all the boxes so I built my own over multiple iterations, each time adding new features from client feedback along the way.

Now if you want all these features, instead of building your own you can simply get access to this one. I want to make something that served me so well help other coaches better serve their own clients. I don't care if you run 100 clients through it or just use it for yourself.


Maintenance Estimation Sheet calculated from 5 biometric inputs. Includes options for approximate distributions for 6 different dietary preference styles; low fat, balanced, low carb, zone, keto, & vegan. (This sheet is optional and can be removed without impacting anything else.)

Daily Tracking Sheet built out for 365 consecutive days of reporting. Includes inputs for daily weigh-ins, calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, hours of sleep, and any relevant notes for a given day.

Weekly Reporting Sheet built out into 52 blocks each reporting a 7 day period. Ideal for weekly check-in periods. Each block handles front/profile/rear progress photos, automatically pulls 7 days of weigh-ins and provides weigh-in average for each given block. Includes areas to input training day and rest day macro targets for each block, and automatically provides an average for each macronutrient (pro/carb/fat/fiber) for each 7 day block based on corresponding dates pulled from the Daily Tracking Sheet.

Graphs 6 inputs (bodyweight, calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and sleep) on a Reporting Sheet for easy visualization of progression and trends over time.

Includes a Macronutrient Timing Sheet with customizable inputs for peri-workout carbohydrate and fat "weights" to distribute more carbohydrate to meals closer to training window. Provides a framework for how to approximately distribute calories and macronutrients evenly between 3 and 6 meals daily.