How You Can Make Food Prep Fun


Food prepping shouldn't be thought about like a chore. Instead ask yourself this...How can I make this fun? When something is fun, it no longer feel like a boring chore. Today I've got some tips for you to help change your thoughts about your weekly food prepping session(s).

1. Look at it as learning a new skill. Cooking is a great skill. Take it from someone who used to be God awful at cooking. I learned how to cook specifically through bulk food prepping for myself, and now I cook for others and regularly get compliments on my Cast Iron Top Sirloin recipe.

2. Upgrade your hardware! Do you dread prepping because you're still using that first set of pans from college? The Cast Iron Skillet is a winter staple when its too damn cold to make it out to the grill. The best thing about a Cast Iron is it just gets better the more you use it. My top kitchen choice for sure.

3. New spices. If you're getting sick of the same flavors, change it up! Trader Joe's has great varieties but just about any grocery store will have lots of options to dabble into. My personal favorite is Goya Adobo, but fresh ground black pepper, fresh ground salt, and chili powder are my staple items that get used weekly.

4. Prep with friends. You can rope your significant other into it. A roommate or you can even have a food prep friend come over and you guys cook together each weekend. You can even alternate houses to change it up. Pack all your food up, don't forget your containers and make it an away game!

5. DANCE. PARTY. If you don't have Sunday night jams pumping in the kitchen how are you supposed to have any fun? Crank the the music up, open the windows, and turn the fan on because it's gonna get sweaty. My favorite part of food prepping is just putting the music on and having a good time while balancing multiple pans on the stove top, the rice cooker steaming, potatoes baking in the oven, and chopping my vegetables.

I've included a link to a new Spotify Playlist I put together just for my Sunday night food preps.