No more time wasted on fads, buzzwords, tricks and hacks. Goal based nutrition coaching that produces results through accountability, objectivity, and structure. Service based coaching rooted in the foundation of education. I teach you and coach you on exactly how to implement optimal nutritional practices in your own life, based on your goals, and dietary preferences.



The Metabolic Performance Protocol is a nutrition coaching / education program and lifestyle overhaul that will drastically improve your body composition and transform your understanding of nutrition periodization and incorporating strategy into your nutrition and physique related goals. Delivered in a protocol that provides a framework for success, expert guidance, and weekly live semi-private coaching calls.

about me

My name is Aaron Straker. Eating large quantities of quality, nutrient-dense, whole foods and lifting weights are some of my favorite things to do. The grocery store and the kitchen are some of my favorite places to be.

I have a vision that one day everyone at the gym will have the body that they work for, because they realize how they spend the other 23 hours of their day are equally as important.

I want people to see that the answers they seek aren’t found in more reps, more sets, program hopping, fat burners, pump stacks, and other workout-specific supplements that provide only marginal value.

I believe that education is ultimately the missing key for those who struggle to achieve long term success with their nutrition. For this very reason, education is the cornerstone from which I build each and every implementation. More.

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Aaron Straker | Straker Nutrition Co.

SNCo. Done For You
Client Check-In System

A feature-rich client reporting & weekly check-in system for better nutrition and physique coaching processes. Turn key ready for 365 days of consecutive reporting, including 52 week long check-in "blocks" pre-configured ready to go. Many more bells and whistles like customizable macronutrient timing, and automatic averaging. Built for nutrition coaches, by a nutrition coach.