Client Case Study - Mike


I like to periodically highlight some of the physical and mental transformations of guys I’ve coached in my Metabolic Performance Protocol and include a little case study to see how the structure and process of the Protocol consistently provides results even with variation in lifestyle, dietary preferences, and training styles of the guys that get coached by me in it.

Mike came to me with a solid foundation of habits. Already training consistently doing a mix of CrossFit / Hypertrophy training / Olympic Weightlifting, and paying attention to the types of food he put in his body.

Mike also lives a Plant Based lifestyle, so we had to be methodical about optimizing food selection to ensure we could get him enough protein to support his training, recovery, and body composition goals.

Our focus wasn’t on drastic weight change, and we wanted to still feed ample calories to support his training efforts. Initially we pushed calories much higher to support recovery from heavy training and to give us lots of leverage to begin dieting from.

His strength continued to progress throughout the duration of the Protocol while we chipped away at body fat.

“Started focusing on eating more carbs around my workouts. Felt good training this week.”

“300# clean baby! Still getting strong while getting lean.”

“365# squat for 4.”

“I’m back at my old weights from 2017.”

“I am beyond ecstatic about my body composition which we all know is way more important than the weight on the scale.”


Mike was already at a healthy body weight and body fat percentage, but wanted to learn a lot more and see where he could take his physique with the guidance, accountability, and nutrition periodization that I offer in my Metabolic Performance Protocol.

The notes he left me in his weekly check-ins let me know that we were producing exactly what he was looking for.

“Very happy with the body composition. [My wife] thinks I'm sexxxy so that's the most positive. Never had anything like this before. Super excited for the last few weeks.”

“I’m just super pumped about my body haha. It's funny I never really had negative thoughts about my body, but now I am really happy in my skin. Thanks for helping me on my journey to become more lean.”

“I am also very pumped about the reverse and looking more lean. I can honestly say I have never looked like this before. The way the muscles are popping is extraordinary.”


The physical changes in body composition speak for themselves, but what I’m most excited about is the depth of knowledge and understanding Mike has gained from the Protocol and what he will be able to do with these moving forward.

“I am 100% going to keep tracking in Cronometer after all of this is over. I want to make sure that I am eating enough and staying well balanced, especially in the micronutrients (vitamin E, omega's etc.). After all of this dieting I know that I was eating WAAAY too many carbs and not enough protein. That is just one of many things I learned through this process of working with you.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better client. On top of being a father of two small children, and working a full time job, he consistently showed up week after week, asked the right questions, got the support he needed, and made progress hand over fist.

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