Protocol Case Study - Jasper


From underslept, overtrained, and underfed to boss sleep, leanAF, and feeling like a new man!

I like to periodically highlight some of the physical and mental transformations of guys I’ve coached in my Metabolic Performance Protocol and include case studies to demonstrate how the structure and process of the Protocol consistently provides results even with variation in lifestyle, dietary preferences, and schedules of the guys that work alongside me in the Protocol.

Jasper said he wanted to learn what/when/how to eat to maintain a lean look. As a Personal Trainer himself he already had a foundation of “eating clean” and a good amount of muscle...but wanted to go to the next level.

During his intake we uncovered that…

“I train 5-6 days a week. I aim to burn 1200-1500 calories between lifting and cardio.”

One of the first things we did was scale back the cardio and re approach training. No more aiming to burn calories, we wanted to increase reps, and provide stimulus to the target muscle.

Immediately we discovered he wasn’t eating enough, so we spent the first 12 weeks adding more calories, in advantageous macronutrient distributions while we worked on improving his biofeedback.


“I never felt this good. I haven’t had a drink since February 28th and I don’t miss it, which is weird. I’m still enjoying foods while making progress I couldn’t achieve in the past and I’m not starving myself or over training in the gym anymore. I went from an hour and a half in the gym to 45 mins or less and making much better gains.”

He told me that…

“This is really important to me, not just looking healthy but actually being healthy.”

Jasper provided very detailed bloodwork, so we got to work removing blockers in the way of our goal. Cortisol was low, as was total Testosterone. We pulled all cardio, scaled intensity, and put the hammer down on improving sleep, and managing stress.


“I feel like a new person. Much better understanding going through your program. The classes I took for PT are becoming a lot clearer. My biggest issue was being patient. I would preach it to my clients. But I was harder on myself for the fact that I was the trainer. This has been a big eye opener.”

After being patient, we were cruising and seeing major body comp changes. We never had to diet hard (I wouldn’t allow it because of the labwork.) However, we didn’t need to. The pictures speak for themselves.

“I feel 1000000X better than I ever did. I lost the passion to drink alcohol. Shitty foods turn me off, I feel like a new man.”

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