Estimating Portion Sizes Can Go A Long Way

Estimating your portions goes a long way and the more consistently you weigh and measure your food the better you get at eyeballing what ~150 grams of rice and ~200 grams of chicken looks like. This becomes super beneficial when you don’t have the opportunity to weigh your food or if you don’t want to be that person who brings their food scale into the restaurant.

Preparing For a Rainy Day

It’s a great idea to look out for future you who will inadvertently end up in a situation where you’re out of food and need a quick macro friendly meal on a “rainy” day (both literally and figuratively.)

Add Some Flex For More Success

Willpower is largely overrated. Knowledge is your key to success. With this knowledge you can understand how strategic implementation of “unhealthy” or “flexible” foods as I prefer to call them bolster overall adherence ultimately paving the path to your goals.