More Sleep = Less Fat

Why is it so hard to take sleep seriously? Because we don’t want to believe how impactful it is on us. The thought is “why sleep for 8 hours when I can operate on 6?”

Investing in the Outcome

Why would I eat something I don’t like? Because I’m invested in the outcome of what kimchi will provide. See kimchi contains a rich world of microbes particularly beneficial for gut flora and intestinal wellbeing. All of which I am particularly interested in.

metabolic performance protocol before and after progress

Client Case Study – Brandon

Brandon was looking to get back into the gym, add lean muscle, and prioritize his nutrition in living a healthier lifestyle. Brandon was one of the very first guys to complete the Metabolic Performance Protocol and created massive results for himself.

Client Case Study – Mike

Mike came to me with a solid foundation of habits. Already training consistently doing a mix of CrossFit / Hypertrophy training / Olympic Weightlifting, and paying attention to the types of food he put in his body.

correlated relationship or priority and progress in nutrition and exercise

The Correlated Relationship of Priority & Progress

Individual variability in where you choose to prioritize your nutrition and strength training in your life directly influences the rate of your progression. When evaluating your own rate of progress you have to include existing external commitments that may currently be a higher priority.