A highly transformative 24-week coaching program for experienced male lifters and coaches looking to lead by example through improving their own physique, education and health.


Let me guess…

There’s still a knowledge gap left after what you learned in your middle-of-the-road cert.

You feel strange about having a coach because you’re a coach and you “shouldn’t need one”, right? Wrong…

You understand concepts like recovery dieting, calorie deficits, and nutrient partitioning but you’re not confident implementing them. 

You feel like how you look doesn’t reflect the work you’ve put in.

You’re familiar with macros coaching and flexible dieting, but you know life-changing transformations are deeper than just ‘PCF’

You feel out of alignment because you don’t exactly practice what you preach (as you drink your 3rd protein shake of the day)

Here's the thing...I know you feel like you don’t need a coach if you are a coach, but the reality is: coaches need coaches. If I had never hired my first coach (after already having my nutrition license), my physique, health, and coaching business would never be where they all are now.


Your coaching business was filled with clients 100% confident in your coaching skills.

And these potential clients could immediately see that you are a product of your practice.

You loved your physique year-round. Shoulders that fill t-shirt sleeves, reaching a sustainable year-round leanness, or quads that require stretchy pants.

You were a body comp expert and better-prepared to identify red flag scenarios for tricky clients. 

You had an expert coach who’s been where you are now, to support you, answer your questions, and help you navigate context-specific nutritional periodization.

You were rock-solid in your understanding of nuanced nutrition, which makes your own coaching much more valuable.

I’d like to introduce you to the Metabolic Performance Protocol.


…for male coaches who want to lead from the front.

This is your opportunity to take your physique from pretty good to damn good, through context-specific nutrition and lifestyle application..with a ton of support from me, Aaron.

I created this next-level hybrid of education, 1:1 nutrition, and live coaching because I saw an obvious gap in what was being taught and ultimately delivered. I saw the gap because I was standing in the middle of it. I was a licensed nutritionist, plus had been through the two leading nutrition certs but I had never been guided through a 12 week specific fat loss phase. I was at a “healthy body composition” but I was by no means lean and had some imposter syndrome tied to this. I understood periodization in theory but I had zero conviction because I lacked personal experience and application. So I set out to get experience and application, to learn by personally doing. This is the same process we will do with you.

I help you up-level your own nutrition to where necessary based on the ambition of your goals, but also based on the status of your internal health.

Together, we transform your physique by getting you lean enough to display the muscle you’ve already built. Then, through a proper recovery diet protocol I teach you how you can stay this lean.

I am your coach every step of the way, reviewing your check-in, progress, adherence, and biofeedback each week. Challenging you where you need to be pushed, but also sharing your wins and accomplishments.

You learn by doing, experiencing, and bringing your questions to the coaching sessions so you become a product of the practices and principles you can then use to help transform others.

Personal Trainer


"I’ve learned more than I thought I would from Aaron’s program. They way Aaron kept it simple made nutrition make more sense than any course I’ve taken."



⚡️ 6-MONTHS OF NUTRITION COACHING with Aaron. Hands on, guiding you through context specific nutrition periodization and situations based on your physique and health goals. Macronutrient based targets, food quality thresholds, nutrient timing, and optimal food selection. [$3000 VALUE]

⚡️ (24) 1:1 COACHING CHECK-INS delivered weekly to ensure you are progressing or directly address why you are not. [$3000 VALUE]

⚡️ (2) BLOODWORK VIDEO REVIEWS to make sure there are no lacking nutrition or lifestyle factors keeping you from thriving on the inside. [$1200 VALUE]

⚡️ (24) SEMI-PRIVATE COACHING CALLS for live communication and context-specific coaching to help you learn in real-time with plenty of time set aside for Q&A. [$1200 VALUE]

⚡️ (15) MODULE ONLINE EDUCATION COURSE so you can watch, review and download resources to help reinforce the coaching principles from check-ins and weekly live coaching calls. You have course access for 1 year. [$2000 VALUE]

⚡️ (1) PRIVATE 30-MINUTE CALL with Aaron to dial in your strategy and create a course of action to implement said strategy. [$200 VALUE]

⚡️ DIRECT MESSAGE ACCESS to your coach (Aaron) so that you can easily ask questions and get answers directly from your coach. [PRICELESS]

⚡️ 6-MONTHS OF PRIVATE MPP COMMUNITY ACCESS to connect and engage with your coaching community. Celebrate triumphs, get form reviews, double check Cronometer entries, and support your peers. [$300 VALUE]

⚡️ (BONUS!) LIFETIME ACCESS to the SNCo. Done For You Client Check-In System and tutorials course for you to use with ALL of your clients (and yourself.) [$197 VALUE]

All of these wrapped into this unique and immersive experience totals more than $10,000 in value, but I am giving it to you for way way less.

Best Value


$ 2800 Once
  • Includes all above benefits


$ 500 / Monthly
  • Includes all above benefits



"This protocol subtly changed my life. Aaron provided me concrete steps to take control of my life not only from a physical standpoint but a mental standpoint as well."


Breakdown of the Education Course

Introductions to Calories & Macronutrients.

Consistency is important, and quantification paves the way to consistency. Calorie balance and the roles maintenance calories play in nutritional periodization are foundational components of applying nutritional science.


  • Learn the required working understandings of calorie balance and the importance of maintenance calories.
  • Get up to speed on the basics of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Their similarities, differences, and what purposes each serves you so that you can immediately begin making more aligned food selection decisions.

Taking Control of your Food Sourcing

The more of your own food you cook and prepare yourself, the more successful you will be. That is a bold statement, it is also factual. Preparing should not be time consuming or overly difficult. In this module we cover planning, selecting, prepping, and structures.


  • Improving food selection so that you can up-level every decision.
  • Creating your personal Meal Matrix so you never run out of options.
  • Mastering your daily feeding and meal composition structures so you can put planning on autopilot.

The Importance of Nutritional Periodization

Periodization is like creating “seasons” of nutrition. You cannot simply diet forever and the “dreamer bulk” takes its toll on health. Playing the long game through incorporating periodization is the missing link for prolonging progress and longevity.


  • We dig into nutrition periodization phases and appropriate approaches for each.
  • Typical sequencing of periodization: reverse diet, maintenance, calorie surplus, calorie deficit, recovery diet back into maintenance.
  • Outline what a year of periodization might look like based on goals.


Applications in Real World Scenarios

This module is where you learn to APPLY. Guiding you through situations you will experience and how to best navigate each depending on the periodization phase.

  • Making guitless, convicted meal decisions while eating out.
  • Having the best of both worlds at weddings, on vacation and on weekends away.
  • Implications of alcohol, kitchen staples and food prep essentials.

Improving Outcomes through Interpreting Biofeedback Signaling

The seemingly unrelated factors that heavily impact outcomes of your fat loss and muscle gaining efforts. I’ll show you how to identify red flags and leverage these factors so that you can guarantee success.


  • How your sleep supercharges or sabotages your partitioning ratio of fat loss
  • Why and when hunger is both a positive and negative biofeedback cue; and how periodization helps you determine how to read that.
  • Interpreting and modulating recovery capacity during fat loss and hypertrophy phases
  • Understanding energy signals and potential underlying physiological facets that determine energy levels.

Diving Deep: Digestion

Aspects such as immunity, nutrient assimilation, and hormones are largely affected but digestive quality and capability. Digestion is arguably the most overlooked impacting factor in your ability to achieve nutrition dependent goals.

  • Introductory facilitations for general and overall improvements in digestive quality.
  • Intermediate and advanced approaches for assessing larger and more tricky digestion.
  • Identifying “upstream” or “downstream” digestion inconsistencies and the most common signals these manifest as.
  • Safe, productive, and most importantly sustainable strategies for improving digestion, intestinal mucosa integrity and nutrient absorption.

Introduction to Bloodwork

Health comes first, and that starts on the inside. We cover the basics of blood chemistry for general health, as well as contextual markers and systems that affect rates of progress on physical goals and transformations.

  • Setting the preparation routine for more consistent bloodwork results.
  • How bloodwork can steer planning of periodization phases.
  • Understanding the basic markers as representations for general health.
  • Understanding notable markers that impact fitness/hypertrophy/fat loss outcomes.


Not your typical fitspo supplement BS. Contextually specific supplementation for bridging nutrient deficiencies, supporting endocrine system function during periods when downregulation is likely, bioavailability, and evaluating labels. 

  • Properly evaluating supplements for bioavailability and active ingredients.
  • Easily identifying which multivitamins are even worth considering for bioavailability.
  • Evidence-based supplementation recommendations for general health based on common nutritional deficiencies.
  • Nuanced supplementation for fat loss, hypertrophy, and recovery dieting.

Nutritional Science Deep Dive

We go into much, much more than simply top-level macronutrients. This module introduces you to the nuance of foods for individual variation and the aspects that impact this.

  • More than macros. Advanced understandings of proteins, fats and carbs. 
  • Advanced micronutrients; the difference micros deliver even with macros equated for.
  • The opportunity cost when comparing Carbohydrate vs. Protein vs. Fat.

Deep Dive: Reverse Diet / Maintenance Calories

Thoroughly executed reverse diets are how we create “leverage.”  In this module we map the framework for constructing reverse diets, appropriate durations, and major factors for deciding if reversing should be followed.

  • Identifying when a reverse diet is likely necessary and the importance of effectively communicating this.
  • Establishing leverage and the importance of this for yourself and your clients.
  • Goals:
    • The whole goal is to prepare metabolism, physiology and psychology for an upcoming calorie deficit.

Deep Dive: Calorie Surplus

Learn how to overcome subjective fears of eating in a surplus, how to make gains while mitigating fat accumulation, when to push, when to back off, and strategies for increasing calories without decreasing overall food quality.

  • Creating the Environment to Diet from
  • + Reverse Diet: what/why/when/how

Deep Dive: Calorie Deficit

The module you’re REALLY here for. In this module we learn how to effectively lose fat in a manner that allows us to reach respectively lean levels of body fat without becoming starving zombies to stationary cardio equipment.

  • Goals
    • Improve body comp
    • Reduce body fat
    • Focus heavily on increasing food quality
  • Low Carb vs. Low Fat strategies
  • Implications of blood glucose and insulin sensitivity
  • Heavier importance on biofeedback notably sleep
  • Use of cardio

Here's the deal. You’re standing in your own way of building the body that “leads from the front” for your coaching prospects. This holds you back from earning more in your coaching business. Know how I know? Because I was too. I was foolishly resistant to hiring a coach because I wanted to take the DIY route but all that did was hold me back.

You don’t know what you don’t yet know…Googling for answers without context gets you and your clients sub-par results. Get the knowledge and tools you need to know, thoughtfully orchestrated in this program.

The path to get to the level you want to be at is to get help.

I help you learn how to help yourself, so you can experience first-hand, what it’s like to apply, and learn through doing. This is how you put yourself in a better position to help others, because you are confident in your understanding and aware of sticking points and able to identify red flags.

This is an investment in how you will view yourself, your own coaching, and the dynamic relationship between nutrition, internal health, and lifestyle. What would you pay to accomplish both your own body comp goals AND acquire new skillsets and education for your coaching business?

It’s time to stop justifying your hesitancy, outsource your accountability to me, invest in yourself and submit your application. I never ask anything of you that I haven’t personally done myself tenfold. This is how I know that it works.

Experienced Lifter


I got everything I wanted AND MORE out of the Protocol. The level of dedication from Aaron is a game changer! I highly recommend!


Hi, I'm Aaron 👋

Hi, I'm Aaron 👋

Licensed nutritionist, coach, podcaster, iron game enthusiast and digital nomad.

After 15 years training and packing on 50 pounds of muscle, competing in different strength and fitness sports, a nutrition hobby that led to a nutritionist license, and a full decade of thinking about joining the health/fitness industry, I left my career as a software engineer to pursue what I truly cared about and made the leap into full-time nutrition coaching in January 2019.

I’ve since scaled Straker Nutrition Co. to a 6-figure nutrition coaching business, while helping hundreds of men worldwide. Simplifying the complexities of nutritional science, improving their body composition, optimizing their lifestyles, and ultimately becoming advocates for prioritizing their own health.

There are an infinite number of individuals that direly need help, and I’m on a mission to help new, established, and future coaches (like you) reach their own body composition, health, and nutrition goals, while simultaneously providing top-tier education pairing theory alongside application and implementation. In doing so, we can exponentially increase the influence and effectiveness of coaching to more of those in need of better coaching.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 1.52.28 PM


You are a new/established/aspiring male coach, or an experienced male lifter who wants to take your physique, education and health to a new level.
You want to live your life at 11-15% body fat.
You are ready to track your food, take weekly progress photos, and regularly attend live coaching sessions.
You value having an expert in your corner, who will push and challenge you.
You recognize the importance of context and nuance.
You desire results, education and skill acquisition.
You have the genuine desire to continuously become better. Being coachable is key to getting the most out of this program and coaching relationship. 


You’re a woman (sorry ladies). 
You hate lifting weights / Are new to training.
You are 24% body fat or greater.
You’re not ready to prioritize your nutrition, education and health.
You’re not coachable.
You aren't willing to consistently measure and track your food.


I’m interested, but I’m not a coach.

If you’re an experienced/serious trainee who may eventually want to dabble in a bit of coaching or may have even thought about it as a side hustle you would be a fantastic fit. (Side note: I thought about coaching as a side-hustle for 6 years before finally getting involved.)

The program is best-suited for serious/experienced male lifters and aspiring/new/established male coaches already living a health-focused lifestyle. Yet, desiring more knowledge AND the application of that knowledge to improve their own physique, education and health.

Is this a group coaching program?

The program design is a unique hybrid. You receive weekly 1:1 nutrition coaching check-ins along the lines of what you are probably familiar with. We also have weekly live semi-private coaching calls with your cohorts. In addition to both of these we have a go-at-your-own-pace style online course that reinforces the education and concepts you receive.

Are there any individual check-ins?

Every single week. You submit a 1:1 check-in and you receive a response from your coach (Aaron.)

Do I get access to Aaron?

Everything you receive is handled directly by Aaron. Weekly check-ins, weekly coaching sessions, bloodwork reviews, etc.) is all directly handled by Aaron.

What is the most common struggle you see?

Accepting the fact that your current habits and actions have produced the results that you currently have right now. Since you want new results, these require habit and action changes. Accepting this can be difficult for some individuals.

What are the expectations from me?

You are expected to show up consistently for the duration of your coaching agreement, submit your check-ins on time and attend live coaching sessions (call replays are of course available for when circumstances arise.) You are expected to take direction, implement direction, and ask for help when you don’t understand.

Will I receive a meal plan?

Where you’re going you won’t need meal plans. I “teach you how to fish” so you can piece together modular-style meals on the fly and leverage structure and planning so you’ll never need another meal plan again.

Have more questions?

Sure! Send your questions to hello@strakernutritionco.com or DM Aaron on Instagram.

You Still reading down here?

That means it’s officially time to submit your application for this transformative coaching program.

I know what’s keeping you from applying already is your fear of what IF you don’t show up consistently, implement the coaching, and follow the structures.

I know because it’s the same reason I sat on the sidelines for 6 years when I knew I wanted to get into the coaching/health space. What changed? I finally found a different answer to the same question I’d been asking myself for 6 years.

My desire for growth - physically, mentally, and in my career finally outweighed the dissatisfaction of staying exactly where I was, in the "comfort zone".  Inside I knew I was capable of more. So are you.

Ready to get started?

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