Who doesn’t love homemade Mexican style bowls. Lots of vegetables and easy and efficient to make. Plus almost 12 grams of fiber. 👊


  • 2+ lbs. Chicken Tenderloin

  • 3+ cups (dry) White Quinoa

  • Avocado Oil

  • 1 can of Black Beans

  • 1 can of Whole Kernel Corn

  • Pico de Gallo

  • White Onion

  • Fresh Cilantro/Coriander

  • Hot Sauce (optional)

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Black Peppercorn Grinder


  1. Fire up the rice cooker. It’s always recommended to make enough cover your next few meals. 1:1 dry rice to water ratio. Do this first as it will take the longest.

  2. Follow the instructions for preparing your cast iron chicken tenderloin here.

  3. Drain both the corn and black beans from their cans and rinse each thoroughly. Keep them in separate containers.

  4. Chop up roughly half of your white onion into half inch sized pieces.

  5. Dice up the cilantro for your bowl.


  1. Chicken first. 150+ grams.

  2. Rice is next. 125+ grams.

  3. 75 grams of black beans goes on top.

  4. Next put in 75 grams of the whole kernel corn.

  5. Top with 100 grams Pico de Gallo.

  6. 50+ grams of onion on top

  7. Garnish with as much or as little cilantro as you’d like.

  8. Optional. Add some hot sauce like Cholula or Tapatío.


  • 59g Protein | 73g Carbohydrate | 10g Fat | 618 Calories