A nutrition company that actually deals in nutrition instead of solely pushing products. Go figure.

Whether your goal is to grow stronger, build muscle, get leaner, perform better, live a more health conscious life, or just look really good without your clothes on, prioritizing your nutrition will be a major deciding factor in reaching your desired outcome.

You will never read anything about tricks, hacks, fads or any other stereotypical diet industry bullshit here. You will however read a lot about consistency, accountability, structure, education, evidence supported principles, and metrics-based decision making.


Straker Nutrition Co. was created to improve lives through teaching sustainable nutrition principles and building better habits, because prioritizing nutrition is at the forefront of optimal health.

Accomplishing aforementioned mission through guiding driven individuals down the path of practical and sustainable nutrition, helping implement structured nutrition principles, and teaching concepts behind the mechanisms that regulate and influence our metabolism.

Looking for the proper context of scenarios and situations rather than dealing in absolutes as nutrition is never simply black and white. Rather than labeling foods with subjective terms such as “good or bad” or “healthy and unhealthy”, opting to always take the objective approach given the context of an individual, their goals, and the situation.



I was raised an hour northeast of Philadelphia, in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I played a bunch sports as a kid eventually settling on football primarily. Football introduced me to strength, conditioning, and eating for my goals by way of Powerlifting.

I attended Penn State for university, then relocated to San Diego in 2011. Immediately I found myself engulfed in the burgeoning Southern California CrossFit scene. Aboard the paleo hype train I was adding some semblance of structure to my diet for the first time in my life.

Years of a diet lacking adequate recovery to match an increasingly high training volume, poor sleeping patterns, and drinking all weekend, started to take its toll on my body. I of course ignored all the signs. Eventually resulting in a torn patella tendon, a shoulder labrum tear for the second time, and a ruptured achilles tendon. I spent the better part of three years recovering from surgeries, getting procedures, and rehabbing injuries. I was broken and felt defeated. I thought my body had failed me. Realistically I had failed my body and the signs were blatantly obvious.

Not wanting to become a product of my circumstances I prioritized what I was eating and how I was treating my body. I learned as much as I could about nutrition and optimizing recovery from books, articles, research, certifications, and obtaining my nutrition license.

Ultimately deciding I want to spend my time on Earth improving lives through teaching sustainable nutrition principles and building better habits so others can benefit in all the ways that I have been able to benefit.

When I’m not working, learning, or lifting I’m likely planning my next adventure, watching Pro Wrestling, getting tattoos I’ll eventually regret, or perpetually being unprepared for the weather.

Certifications / Accomplishments

  • N.A.S.N. Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Bachelors Degree from the Pennsylvania State University
  • Once ate 50 hot wings while recovering from a ruptured achilles tendon
  • Has eaten 3 Subway footlong subs on multiple occasions